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Living with damaged teeth and a flawed smile can be difficult. Decay makes it hard to bite and chew, and stained or cracked teeth make it hard to feel confident about the way you look. For patients looking to improve the way their smile looks and feels, Diamond Dental offers patient-focused cosmetic dentistry in Edmonton, AB. Dr. Jerrold Diamond, Dr. Costantino Renzi & Dr. Curtis Winand help patients get beautifully restored smiles that they can feel good about. 

Correcting Problems With Dental Cosmetics

Our Edmonton cosmetic dentists help you find the right treatment for what you’re hoping to achieve, whether that’s whiter teeth or natural-looking restorations for decay and other flaws.  Our cosmetic treatments include:

• Veneers
• Dental implant restoration
• Teeth whitening
• White dental fillings
• Invisalign®
• Tooth-colored dental crowns

With our natural-looking cosmetic treatments, such as porcelain veneers and dental crowns, we can disguise cracked teeth, chipped teeth, and severely discolored teeth. Cosmetic dental treatments can even change the size and alignment of teeth, so you get a smile that looks balanced and even. With our over- night teeth whitening treatment, our patients get a smile boost that brightens their teeth by several shades in much less time than they might have thought. At Diamond Dental, we make sure that you know exactly what to expect from your cosmetic treatment plan, so you can achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

Natural-Looking, Strong Cosmetic Restorations

Dr. Diamond, Dr. Renzi and Dr. Winand make frequent use of zirconia in cosmetic treatment.  If you’ve ever wanted to know what your dental crowns and other prosthetics are made of, we’re happy to explain the benefits of zirconia dentistry. Zirconia is an exceptionally strong material that looks remarkably similar to natural dental enamel, making it a perfect choice for cosmetic treatment at our Edmonton, AB dental office. When preparing teeth for zirconia dental crowns, our dentists don’t have to remove as much natural tooth structure as they might with other dental crowns; zirconia crowns support our philosophy of conservative, responsible treatment.

Comprehensive Smile Improvements

For many patients, cosmetic treatment can be as simple as placing a beautiful new dental crown, or whitening discolored teeth. However, there are some situations where more comprehensive care is required. In these cases, Dr. Diamond, Dr. Renzi and Dr. Winand may first recommend orthodontics, so that your cosmetic treatment plan can move forward on a foundation of healthy and well-aligned teeth.  We offer clear braces from Invisalign® to begin treatment for complex cosmetic restorations.  For every patient, we make sure to recommend only what will best serve their oral health and help meet their expectations.

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Dr. Jerrold Diamond, Dr. Costantino Renzi and Dr. Curtis Winand love giving patients newly restored and healthy smiles with general cosmetic dental care. For more information on what Diamond Dental can do for you, or to schedule your consultation, contact our office to speak to a member of our friendly dental team.


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