Don't Allow Gum Disease To Destroy The Foundation Of Your Mouth

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Gum disease is an all-too-common problem that has a negative effect on your oral function, health, and well-being. When caught early, gum disease symptoms can be managed and progression of the condition can be prevented. At Diamond Dental, we offer periodontal care in Edmonton, Alberta that includes preventive maintenance and treatment.

Treatments for the health of your gums

Our treatment plan for responsible gum care includes yearly gum measurements. When gum disease takes hold, deposits of plaque and bacteria begin to collect under the gum line, creating pockets and pulling soft tissue away from teeth. By consistently monitoring your health, our dentists get a clear idea if the soft tissue is healing, or if the  disease is progressing – and can plan care accordingly.

If your soft tissue is sensitive because of gum disease symptoms, we provide comfortable treatment by way of rinses or freezing methods to numb teeth before they are thoroughly cleaned. Dr. Diamond, Dr. Renzi & Dr. Winand help patients find the most appropriate treatments to allow tissues to recover. For advanced cases of periodontitis, we work with a gum disease specialist for comprehensive care.

Our Focus on Gum Health

Diamond Dental proudly offers a dental hygiene cleaning program for all our patients. Our team wants you to be in the best gum health possible to support the healthy condition of your teeth, including jaw bone health that is the foundation for oral function.

Part of our program for excellent gum health includes:

Patient Education – Drs. Diamond, Renzi & Winand take time to educate patients on the mouth-body connection – how oral health plays an important role in overall wellness and the prevention of gum disease. Gum disease can be a contributing factor in heart disease and diabetes, which is why it’s so important to take good care of your smile.

Effective Communication – At each oral health check-up, we’ll notify you if we spot any problem areas on soft tissue and let you know if you’re missing any vital spots while brushing and flossing each day.  Our team of knowledgeable and friendly hygienists talks about the best ways to clean your teeth, and what tools you can use at-home to make the job easier and more effective.

Non-Judgmental Oral Health Support – We’re here to help you achieve improved gum health and wellness – and we know that many people struggle with gum disease symptoms. If you haven’t seen a dentist in a while and are in need of care, we take a gentle approach to make our patients feel welcome and to empower them to make healthy choices.

With our responsible care plan for gum health, we’re able to provide the care that protects your smile from the complications of tooth loss in its early stages.

If you have questions about gum treatments, or how you can get effective care for gum disease, call our office for your appointment. We look forward to treating you to improved oral health!

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