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Invisalign®: The Easy Way to Improve your Smile

Getting straight teeth doesn’t have to mean dealing with uncomfortable metal orthodontics. If you’ve been dealing with misaligned teeth and are looking for a more sophisticated way to get the treatment you want, Invisalign® provides a discreet alternative to metal braces. At Diamond Dental, we’re capable of giving you a new smile with this system of invisible orthodontics in Edmonton, Alberta.

The Benefits of Clear Aligner Orthodontics

Metal braces move your teeth into better alignment by way of brackets, bonded to the surfaces of teeth, which are threaded with metal wires. While this system produces results, it’s hard to avoid the distracting effect that metal has on the appearance of your smile.

For many patients, choosing Invisalign® presents significant benefits over metal appliances, which include:

• Comfort
• Convenience
• Invisibility
• Removability

Because there are no metal components used in this system of clear braces, there is much less likelihood that your orthodontic appliance will irritate soft tissue. Invisalign® also isn’t bonded to your teeth; you can remove the aligner trays to keep your normal daily routine, like eating the foods you enjoy and brushing and flossing without the aid of special dental tools.  But what our Invisalign® patients love most is that the appliances are so clear, it’s difficult for anyone to tell that you’re wearing them at all. Invisalign® provides discreet, cosmetically-appealing treatment that many adults find to be a preferable alternative to traditional braces.

Does Invisalign® Work?

Contrary to the way braces move your teeth into position, Invisalign® improves alignment by using a series of custom-molded, see-through trays. These trays are made to snugly fit your teeth at each phase of treatment, with every new aligner coaxing your teeth toward your ideal smile. Invisalign® is effective at correcting common orthodontic issues that many patients face. Our Edmonton dentists recommend Invisalign® for mild to moderate dental problems, such as:

• Crowded teeth
• Poor spacing between teeth
• Tilted, tipped, or twisted teeth 

Our General Dentists, Drs. Diamond and Renzi welcome patients into their office so they can learn more about your oral health goals and determine whether Invisalign® is a good fit for your needs. We recommend clear braces to patients for whom the treatment will deliver the most robust results, allowing them to meet their wishes.

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We’re proud to be your home for Invisalign® in Edmonton.  To get more information about how this modern alternative to metal braces can help you comfortably achieve a straight new smile, contact Diamond Dental for your Invisalign® consultation.

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