Diamond Dental is pleased to be able to offer many choices for conscious sedation for our patients on a case-by-case basis. Dental sedation is usually offered to any patients with anxiety in the dental environment.  Extensive treatments can be provided with much more comfort and less stress for the patient. Our general dentists at Diamond Dental offer oral sedation and Nitrous oxide.  If you have any questions about whether or not conscious sedation can work for you, please give our office a call to book an appointment to discuss your options with the dentists.

For many patients, it is quite common to feel nervous and anxious about dental treatment. Our General Dentists are well -trained and prepared to help patients manage their anxiety during appointments.  In other cases anxiety can be managed with sedation. A sedated patient may remember very little of the procedure, and will be more relaxed and comfortable.

Note that you will have to follow some instructions prior to your sedation procedure. This will be explained to you at your consultation or dental exam appointment prior to your  conscious sedation procedure. Also, after conscious sedation, you will have to present someone else drive you home and stay with you until the medication has fully worn off.

What About Intravenous (I.V.) Sedation? 

This type of sedation is only offered in offices with additional training, equipment, and certification. Dr. Renzi is able to administer I.V. sedation. However at this time, due to regulation changes on a provincial level, Dr. Renzi is selectively offering this service only in rare or special cases.

What Types Of Treatment Can Be Done With Sedation?

Unlike at a hospital, where we would have to bring in all our equipment to perform dental treatment in an unfamiliar setting, we can now perform almost any general dentistry procedure in-office with conscious sedation.  Naturally, we would prefer to get as much done as possible in one session, to minimize the number of times we have to sedate the client. However, this is on a case-by-case basis and all treatment might not be able to be completed in one appointment depending on the circumstance and/or situation.

How Do I Arrange For Dentistry With Conscious Sedation?

Talk to us!  Our general dentists can determine what your treatment needs are, what type of conscious sedation might be best for you, and review your medical history and current medications to make sure it will be safe for you.

Not only this, but our experienced Dental Treatment Coordinator will look into your insurance coverage to explain your patient portion for the procedure.

As Always, We Are Committed To Helping Your Family and Yourself With Your Oral Health Needs in a Relaxed Setting!

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